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Serbian Chant


Musical Compositions - Brass

Woodwind    Brass    Strings    Percussion    Orchestral    Band    Electro-acoustic    Vocal/Choral    Piano

The Signal Tree & Humoresque (2015) - for Brass Quintet
Canzona 2013 for Trombone Choir
Sonata for Tuba and Piano  (2012)
Sonata for Tenor Trombone and Piano  (2009)
Sonata for Trumpet and Piano  (2009)
Sonata for Euphonium and Piano  (2004) 
Sonata for French Horn and Piano - three movements (2002)
The Signal Tree - for solo horn and piano (2002)
(now available in four transcriptions)
Wind-did - for Brass Quintet (1998)
Blast from the Past - for Two Trumpets and CD (1989)  Contact Composer
Fantasy and Flight for Seven Brass  (1985)