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Serbian Chant


    The Golden Canon

For Woodwind Quintet (1984)

    "...a radiant series of lyrical and swirling encounters."

Donald Rosenberg, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Sunday, Oct 1, 2000

    "...a fascinating and beautiful work that develops great complexity while maintaining a basic tonality and theme..."

Barry Kilpatrick, The American Record Guide, January/February 2001 (p246)

LISTEN- Golden Canon (excerptA).mp3
LISTEN- Golden Canon (excerptB).mp3

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The Golden Canon was composed for the Solaris wind quintet in residence at the University of Akron, Ohio in November of 1984. The work consists of a one minute introductory movement featuring a simple canonic theme followed by a six minute Canon. The Canon is 144 bars long with a climax at bar 89 (the golden mean) at which point the canonic theme from the introductory movement reappears. Throughout the Canon the tempo (72mm), meter (3/4), tonality (Bb), harmonic rhythm, fundamental progression (I - IV), and instrumentation (all five players continuously playing) remain constant. What changes is everything else: texture, rhythm, register, range, melody, chromaticism, incidental harmony, counterpoint, all undergo a gradual and continuous canonic transformation from the simplicity of a single tone to the complexity of sound mass and back. For all of its apparent formalism the Golden Canon was intuitively conceived and stands as an intimate paradigm of the composers style.

Resanovic's "The Golden Canon" is now available on CD. The work is one of several American quintets featured on the Solaris American Quintets CD released by Capstone Records CPS-8677

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