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Serbian Chant

    Four Miniatures

    for Oboe Trio, Clarinet Trio,

     or Flute Trio


LOOK-Four Miniatures for Oboe Trio (excerpt).pdf
LOOK-Four Miniatures for Clarinet Trio (excerpt).pdf
LOOK-Four Miniatures for Flute Trio (excerpt).pdf

LISTEN- Four Miniatures for Oboe Trio.mp3
LISTEN- (excerpt) Mvts 3 & 4  for Clarinet Trio.mp3
LISTEN- (excerpt) Mvts 3 & 4  for Flute Trio.mp3
$20.00  Score/Parts

Original Oboe version
Clarinet transcription
Flute transcription

A seven minute work featuring four short movements originally written for Oboe trio but also available in transcriptions for three Bb clarinets or three flutes (the flute transcription is a whole step higher than the oboe or clarinet versions).  The nature of the piece requires that all three instruments share the same timbre.  Each of the above audio files are midi representations.  This recently completed work has not yet been premiered in any of its versions.
I.  Ducks in a Row (2.33")

II.  Levitation (1.33")

III.  Dance of the Figurines (2.03")

IV.  Balkan Quick-step (.50)

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