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Serbian Chant


Duo for Violin and Piano


LOOK-Mvt I "I am Light! (on my feet) excerpt.pdf
LISTEN- Mvt. I "I am Light! (on my feet)".mp3
LISTEN- Mvt. II "The Ascent".mp3
LISTEN- Mvt. III "Back Down to Earth".mp3

The Cleveland Duo - Stephen Warner, Violin & Carolyn Warner, Piano,

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The three movement "Duo for Violin and Piano" was commissioned by the Fortnightly Musical Club of Cleveland, Ohio and written in May of 2008 for The Cleveland Duo performers - Stephen Warner, violin and Carolyn Gadiel Warner, piano.   The first movement is a ternary structure with light, lilting outer sections and a darker, more intense middle section.  The longer second movement is a tone poem on the separation of the soul from the body; it too is in a ternary form, but the middle section is a moderately slow fugue which draws its inspiration from Beethoven (Op 110 Piano Sonata and Symphony #3) on the one hand and Jimi Hendrix (Woodstock “Message to Love”) on the other.   The 12 subject entries of the fugue ascend systematically through all 12 pitch classes, beginning with Bb and ending with A.    The third and final movement presents two equally earthy but very different themes in succession; the two themes are then combined.  Both themes are in an asymmetrical 15/8 which, with a few exceptions, subdivides into 4/4+7/8.  When brought up to tempo the listener will typically feel each 15/8 bar as a four beat pattern with beat three slightly shorter than the other beats (i.e. 4+4+3+4 eighth-notes). 

The mp3's above are from the premiere performance given by the Cleveland Duo ( Stephen Warner, violin and Carolyn Gadiel Warner, piano) at Christ Episcopal Church in Warrensville Hts, Ohio on February 22, 2009.  Duration of all three mvts 17 mins.

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