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Serbian Chant



(A Symphonic Ode to the Ship and Crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald)

"Dance in a white bay" is a 12 minute, single movement, symphonic work which commemorates the ship and crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald - a great lakes ore freighter which sank in Lake Superior during a November storm in 1975, taking all 29 of her crew to an icy grave.  The work was premiered by the University of Akron Symphony Orchestra (Harry Davidson, conductor) on Thursday, May 1, 1997 in Guzzetta Hall.

Instrumentation is 2222/4331/timp/3percussionists/strings

The mp3 excerpt is taken from the closing minutes of the work and features the
University of Akron Symphony Orchestra (Harry Davidson, conducting)

Dance in a White Bay - a Symphonic Ode for Orchestra (1996)

LOOK-Dance in a White-Bay (excerpt).pdf

LISTEN- Dance in a White Bay (excerpt).mp3

8.5x14 score
8.5x11 parts

The Edmund Fitzgerald is pictured below:

image of Edmund Fitzgerald

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