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Serbian Chant


Child's Play

Three movements for Orchestra


Child's Play: Three Movements for Orchestra (1997)

LOOK-Mvt. II The Sly Fox (excerpt).pdf

LISTEN- Mvt I.  The Weeping Willow.mp3

LISTEN-Mvt II.  The Sly Fox.mp3

LISTEN-Mvt III.  The River Dance.mp3

8.5x14 score
8.5x11 parts

Child's Play is a three movement symphonic work in which I dedicated each movement to one of my own three children - ages 8, 5, & 3 at the time of the composition.  The work was premiered by the Akron Youth Symphony (Eric Benjamin, musical director) on Sunday, Nov 5, 2000 at the Edwin J. Thomas performing arts hall in Akron, Ohio and was subsequently performed by the Akron Symphony Orchestra at a series of children's concerts in November of 2001.  The work has also been performed by the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra, OMEA High School Festival Orchestra, and the Tuscarawas Symphony Orchestra.  The above mp3's are "Sibelius Sounds" representation of the work.

I. The Weeping Willow - 3"

II. The Sly Fox - 3"

III. The River Dance - 4:30"

The duration of the work is about 10 1/2 minutes and the instrumentation is:
2222/4331/4perc/timp/celesta (or synth)/strings.

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