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Serbian Chant


Three Pieces for Symphonic Band


Three pieces for Symphonic Band (2003)

I. The Towpath 

II. The Signal Tree 

LOOK-The Signal Tree (excerpt).pdf

LISTEN- The Signal Tree.mp3

III. The Crooked River 

I. $95.00  Score /Parts

II. $95.00  Score/Parts

III. $95.00  Score/Parts 

Picc/Fl 1&2/EbCl, BbCl 1,2 &3/Bass Cl/Bn 1&2/Alto Sax 1&2/Ten Sax/Bar. Sax/Hn 1,2,3 &4/Tpt. 1,2 &3/Ten Trb 1&2/Bass Trb/Euph/Tuba/String Bass/Timp/Percussion 1,2,3&4

I.    The Tow Path  - 5 min

II.    The Signal Tree - 5 min

III.    The Crooked River - 3 min

Transcribed for symphonic band in the fall of 2003, “The Signal Tree” and “The Crooked River” form the last two movements of a three movement Sonata for French Horn and Piano which were composed in the fall of 2002 for William Hoyt who is on the faculty at the University of Akron School of Music.  The first mvt. "The Tow Path" was transcribed in the spring of 2004 and completes the set.

The titles for the three movements of the sonata take their inspiration from the scenic Cuyahoga River valley which extends north and south between Akron and Cleveland, Ohio.  The first movement is titled “The Towpath” and is a reference to the Towpath trail which runs the length of the Ohio-Erie canal upon which horses were harnessed to pull the canal boats during the 19th century.  The northern portion of the canal runs parallel with the Cuyahoga river.  The second movement takes it title from the famous and majestic Signal Tree - a three hundred year old massive oak tree which sits near the Cuyahoga river before it plunges over the Cuyahoga Falls.  It is suggested that the tree may have been a landmark for Indian tribes who, travelling by canoe would portage between the Cuyahoga and the Tuscarawas rivers.  The last movement takes its title from the Cuyahoga river itself which translated means “crooked river” - which is how the Indians referred to the river that winds and snakes a path along the scenic valley north of Akron, through the industrial flats of Cleveland and on into Lake Erie.

"The Signal Tree" and "The Crooked River" were premiered by the University of Akron Symphonic Band (Robert Jorgensen, Dir) at the University of Akron School of Music on Sunday, February 15, 2004 and were subsequently performed by the Symphonic Band at the CBDNA (College Band Directors National Association) conference at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music on Thursday, February 19, 2004.  "The Tow Path" will be premiered during the 2008/9 season by the University of Akron Symphonic Band.

Nikola Resanovic

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