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Serbian Chant


    Twelve Variations on a Theme by Arcadelt (1993)

For solo Guitar

This set of 12 variations on a theme by the 16th century composer Jacob Arcadelt, was composed for guitarist James Marron in 1993. The opening four variations progress in the traditional manner of increased rhythmic diminutions. Variations 5 & 6 are chromatic variations. Variations 7, 8 & 9 explore different stylistic possibilities incorporating rock, pop and blues idioms into the variations process. Variations 10,11, & 12 form an extended coda with each variation reworking the theme rhythmically and at an increasingly faster tempo. The mp3 excerpt features James Marron on guitar.

Mr. Marron has recorded this work on his CD "Spring Rising".

Twelve Variations on a Theme by Arcadelt - for Solo Guitar (1993)

LISTEN-Variations VIII-IX-X (excerpt).mp3
unbound score