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Serbian Chant


Woodwind Quintet No. 3 (2014)

LOOK-Mvt I Cantus (excerpt).pdf
LOOK-Mvt II Bitter-Sweet (excerpt).pdf
LOOK-Mvt III Balkan Steamroller (excerpt).pdff
LISTEN- Mvt I Cantus.mp3
LISTEN- Mvt II Bitter-Sweet.mp3
LISTEN- Mvt III Balkan Steamroller.mp3

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Quintet No 3 is the third Resanovic wind quintet written for and premiered by Solaris.   The opening movement “Cantus” features a chant-like theme played by the Horn against a backdrop of wind ostinati.   A second, gigue-like melody played by the oboe adds an element of contrast.  The rest of the movement is an inter-play between these two tunes.  The slow second movement features chromatic melodies built around a pair of recurring harmonic progressions which grow in intensity and then subside.  The title “Bitter-Sweet” characterizes these two contrasting progressions (it’s also the name of the street where I take my daily walks).  The closing rondo-like movement features a fast 7/8 meter throughout.   The instruments play a series of contrasting melodies which have very strong Balkan influence.  The classic “steamroller” effect can be heard at the end of the movement as the instruments build to the final cadence.

Quintet No 3 was premiered by the Solaris Wind Quintet at the University of Akron School of Music on Sunday, March 1, 2015.  The above mp3's are recordings taken from that concert.

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