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Serbian Chant


The Ox and the Lark

A duo for Bb Clarinet and Alto Saxophone (2003)

LOOK-The Ox and the Lark (excerpt).pdf

LISTEN- The Ox and the Lark.mp3

(Kristina Jones, Clarinet; Richard Shanklin, Saxophone)

-also available in Bb Clarinet duo version ----->


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A single movement work of about 6 minutes in duration composed for Cynthia Krenzel Doggett and her husband Tom who kindly requested this work.   The movement is in three very intense sections (fast-slow-fast) and is a curious mixture of Balkan and Celtic idioms - which, as an English born Serbian seems only natural to me.  The title in this case can have many layers of meaning as it relates to the music, but in reality "Ox" and "Lark" were chosen as simply word plays on "Sax" and "Clarinet." Since the work's premiere in 2004 it has been performed by numerous artists around the world and as far away as the International Music Festival in Xian, China and Sydney, Australia.   The mp3 below if from a performance given at the University of Akron by Kristina Jones, Clarinet and Richard Shanklin, Saxophone.

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