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Serbian Chant



A duo for Bb Clarinet and Bass Clarinet (2003)

LOOK-Mvt. I Arpeggiator (excerpt).pdf
LISTEN- I. Arpeggiator.mp3
LISTEN- II. Resonant Filter.mp3
LISTEN- III. Sample and Hold.mp3

Peter Wright, Bb Clarinet and Elizabeth Kilpatrick, Bass Clarinet

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"Analogues" is a set of three movements for Clarinet and Bass Clarinet composed at the request of Peter Wright - principal Clarinetist of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra.  The work was premiered by Mr. Wright and Bass-Clarinetist Elizabeth Kilpartick at the 2004 International Clarifest in Washington DC.  The mp3 files above are a recording from the premiere (thanks to Richard Fryer for cleaning up the audio in mvt 1)

The title of the work is suggestive of the Analog synthesizers of the 60's and 70's - each individual movement taking its title from devices commonly associated with the synthesizer.  Although each movement hints at some of the textural aspects associated with the respective synthesizer device, the work is primarily an attempt to blend the two instruments into a single composite.   The first movement, "Arpeggiator" does this through classical (and often very close) imitative counterpoint and is probably the most traditionally sounding of the three.  The more ethnic sounding second movement, "Resonant filter" blends the two instruments primarily through a varied intervallic doubling that emphasizes the unique overtone structure of the clarinet - one that prominently features the odd numbered overtones of the harmonic series.  "Sample and Hold" - the final movement uses a hocket-like texture to meld the two instruments into a composite.  Stylistically, this last movement is rather whimsical, borrowing more from popular idioms and harmonic progressions.

Although they are somewhat eclectic in style, the three movements are unified by a sprinkling of chromatically complex idioms mixed in with the more "indigenous" diatonic elements, and also by a large-scale tonal structure that gradually descends in semitone increments from a tonality of "A" at the beginning of the first movement to a tonality of "F" at the close of the last movement.  Hence, both the first and second movements end tonally a half-step lower than they begin.

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